1. Left: Anita Mui - Drunken Dreams / 夢裡共醉”
    Right: Kiki de Montparnasse ph. Man Ray

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    Katsuta Mako 

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    The Myth of Solace Test Shoot, April 2014

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  5. "I hate people generally, but I like people individually."
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    recent projects take up about 40% of my floor space and 80% of my desk space

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    The Self Is A Myth, Lora Mathis

    I’m going crazy 

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    Faceless Aura
    Canon Eos 7D
    Lightroom 4
    By Daniel Watts 

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    Today at the bus stop an old man was staring at my legs and arms’ tattoos. I mean, *very intensely and annoyingly staring*. At some point my scowl was obviously not understood, I had enough and told him off “Don’t you know it’s rude to stare at people that way ?”
    “Oh. I wasn’t staring at YOU, but at your tattoos.”

    Point is not “oh bad guy staring”, I’m quite over it. Also, he then apologized. The interesting point is that it goes well towards yesterday’s twitter reflexion. In that old man eye, I wasn’t a person any longer - just a mask of tattoos to watch. A display.

    I’m wondering, every time I hear again this same old song “tattoos are just one more way to exhibit your body and call for attention” ; is it really so hard to understand that, for lots of us, tattoos are all the contrary a way to disappear behind them ?  Do you really think someone with a huge facial tattoo, for example, isn’t somehow trying to erase or mask eir features ?

    It’s crazy how often I heard (from women mostly) that they like to hide “imperfections” behind their tattoos. In my case thoguh, it wasn’t not a question of erasing imperfections, but really to disappear , (unconscioulsy first, and then willingly) from the male gaze. Or social general gaze. And it’s obviously a HUGE FAIL :D